About Anjappam Changanacherry Trust


What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We find well wishers to support us in all means to run Anjappam Changanancherry Trust .People support us with donation as cash,vegetables,fruits or as rice.


— Anjappam Archana

Archana is the supporting force for our services in restaurant.People come daily and volunteer for our needs and support us in all activities of Anjappam changanacherry trust.


— Adukkala & Aksharakoodu

Anjappam Changanacherry Trust make sure that all work as a team .Thats our success.Adukkala is the heart of Anjappam Changanacherry.Aksarakoodu is the wings for us.

What ANJAPPAM changanacherry Care For!

Our trustees and family members at an Aksharkoodu gathering.
The Keys to Anjappam Changanacherry Trust

1. Gods blessings in all our activities.Fr,Bobby achens prayers and support in all our activities.

2. Support and coordination between trustees.

3. Adukkala,Archana and Aksharakoodu  members work together in supporting Anjappam Trust.

4.Support from the people of Changanacherry and the well wishers.

Support the needy and starving by the people of Changanacherry.
Support given by the families are our success.
Volunteers and family members are our strength.
Smile and respect all is the motto of Anjappam Changanacherry trust.