Who We Are

Anjappam Changanacherry Trust is run by twelve trust members.Mr.Prem sebastian is the Managing Trustee and Mr.Siby Vaniyapurackal is the President of the trust.

We feel a special calling and are uniquely equipped to serve the poorest of the poor and the starving needy in our home town Changanacherry.

In our country, it is impossible for many to get one square meal a day. there are thousands of people living below the poverty line for whom getting any food is a task. For them, if they manage to scavenge food from somewhere even once, that is perhaps the happiest day of their lives.

Anjappam Changanacherry has a library for reading books and news papers. We design interventions to ensure reliable meals for any one who comes to our outlet where food can act as an incentive to education and skill development for children.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We find well wishers to support us in all means to run Anjappam Changanancherry Trust.People donate us  as Cash,Vegetables,Provision,Rice etc.



— Anjappam Archana

Archana is our soul.Archana is the supporting force for our services in restaurant.People come daily and volunteer for our needs.


— Adukkala & Aksharakoodu

Anjappam Changanacherry Trust make sure that all work as a team .Thats our success.Adukkala is the heart and aksharakoodu are wings.


— We Educate

Anjappam Library provide a reading space for our clients after lunch and in evenings.


— We Provide Care

Anjappam Changanacherry Trust members value and respect and serve each clients with utmost care.


— We Excel

Anjappam Changanacherry Trust excel in food quality,hospitality,hygiene and cleanliness.Our reading room is excellent.

Anjappam Changanacherry

ANJAPPAM team with clients and guests